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Hi, welcome to the Collapp testing family

Whether you want to start a hobby project, launch a business or already running one. It is always more fun if other people are involved and at some point it becomes even necessary. We believe that when the right people come together nothing is impossible! That is what we want to do. Connect the people that belong together anyway. But in the real world that is actually a lot harder then one might think. That is why we build Collapp! Collapp allows you to discover professionals and others who are just looking for someone like you! It works also the other way around. You can find people with the skill set you are looking for in a person. Our app will offer three different Tiers: The FREE Tier: All of Collapp's core features will be available to you for free. There won't be a monthly fee or anything similar to using the app. Vote, chat and collaborate as many as you want with other people. The PREMIUM Tier: The premium offer removes all daily voting limitations. Also you get the ability to set your current location from within the app. So you can discover people wherever you want! This tier also introduces a new feature which allows you to see anybody in your area, regardless of your skill settings! The BUSINESS Tier: This option allows businesses to create representations of their company in Collapp. By doing so they invite Recruiters and post job offers in the app. Those will be shown to the regular users, which can then express their interest in the position. After a user liked a job posting Collapp will autocratically connect the user and the corresponding recruiter. NOTE: Collapp is right now in an early alpha stage! Any contributions regarding bug reports are highly appreciated!

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